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Klutz Design Ballerina Sweetspot

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It’s true, many buzzwords haphazardly find their way into the most obscure and smallest of niche online audio forums. Audiophile, for example, can find its way into said forums with participants bombastically laying claim to such designation. If we’re being honest, from time to time, we too have fancied ourselves as such. Today, Klutz Design boldly raises their metaphorical hand with an answer to this question as they introduce the Ballerina Sweetspot ($11,500) – a product whose preposterous name is only surpassed by its towering price tag. You eagle-eye photo spotters might recognize the headphone stand we previously covered.

The Ballerina Sweetspot is a made-to-order, personalized listening chair. In their own words, Klutz Design describes this chair as being intended “for a select group of people who in their love for music demand more from what they are sitting in.” They further depict the chair as one you can easily sit in for hours (makes sense) with great ergonomics (we hope), convenient locations for remote controls (thanks), and a headrest designed not to block out sound (damn those pesky headrests). And for the really serious listeners — finger pointed at my editors — the chair even isolates vibrations passed through the floor.

We’re not sure if “klutz” means something different in Sweden than what it sounds like in the Queen’s English, but it’s difficult, really, for us to say anything else about this chair. It would only serve as justification for you to increase your suspicion that we have indeed, gone mad.

Buy Now: $11,500