The heat is off

Ministry of Supply Shirting

Design By Photo by MoS VIA

You diligently work to look your best each morning before heading to the office, only to arrive at your desk half an hour later, sweat soaked and dying of heat stroke. Such is the conundrum of the summer commute. This greek tragedy may soon come to an end thanks to Ministry of Supply. The fashion start up started by MIT grads raised enough funds on Kickstarter to create a full line of technologically advanced t’s and dress shirts that promise blissful temperature regulation at approachable prices.

Their flagship Apollo shirt is actually based around NASA heat regulation technology used in spacesuits. Not only is the Apollo designed to keep you cool in the heat, but it’ll also stay warm in the winter. It works by pulling heat from your body when the temperature reaches face-melting levels (well, we’re already there aren’t we?) and releases that heat once the temperature drops. It’s also anti-microbial so you’re not growing your own juicy germ farm on your torso. Best of all, while it won’t earn “fierce” comments from Tyra Banks, the Apollo looks just as good as the shirts in your closet, before pit-stains and darkened collars took their toll.

Buy Now: $105