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NoMo Designs Tour de France Posters

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So you may not ever make it to the Tour de France. It’s one of the few athletic events that has spanned over a century, and it is truly a spectacle (on many fronts). You don’t have to be a fan of cycling to appreciate the brutal race, which is evident in its sheer distance, duration and physical demands. Along those lines, Nomo Designs, makers of the cool airport runway screen print series is now offering the latest edition of their Tour De France Poster. This series, which began in 2010, shows the route and the numerous stages, as well as how riders and teams progressed throughout the toughest human-powered race on two wheels. So rip down that beer poster from college and make it look like you give a damn about something, even if your ten speed from 8th grade is still collecting dust in your storage closet.

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