Bandwidth Bandmaster

Western Digital My Net N900 HD Router

Tech : Electronics By Photo by WD

The days of needing a router just to catch up on captioned cat photos have long since gone the way of the beeper. Today, everything from video calling and media streaming, to automatic “cloud” backups and farming gold in mythical lands is funneled through home broadband — not just on desktops or laptops, but on TVs, smartphones, tablets and gaming consoles as well. Subsequently, if you want to squeeze the most out of your connection, bandwidth traffic management is critical.

Western Digital’s new line My Net N900 HD ($180), like all great routers, combines excellent throughput speeds, exceptional range and an intuitive setup process into one convenient package. Unlike the competition, though, included FasTrack Plus technology automagically prioritizes a host of streaming media services including Netflix, Hulu, CinemaNow, and Youtube to ensure your HD video sessions runs buttery smooth — no matter how many “legal” downloads you might have running elsewhere. The same thing goes for video chatting and VOIP. Think of it like a traffic cop for your data, all for less than the price of a speeding ticket.

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