Midsize in Chicago

2013 Acura RDX: Two if by Sea

Cars By Photo by Gerber+Scarpelli


The second time is the charm with the 2013 Acura RDX, as is our second jaunt in this capable midsizer. This time, it’s traversing glorious Lake Shore Drive, along the Windy City Skyline to see some downtown architectural sights that define Chicago… and then off to a jazz club icon, the Green Mill — swapping our less-civilized duds for some swankier garb, and we’re ready for the evening. Time for a little jazz, a dose of moonlight and the beauty of Chicago at night.

See us go Sea(side) in the new RDX with more details and photos after the jump for the second post in our series.

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6:03 PM

Jazz is such a huge part of Chicago history — much more so than deep dish pizza and hot dogs. And architecture in downtown Chicago also proves to be as integral to defining the third largest city in America as much as its music does. Getting prepped for the evening ride to witness both via our RDX was an exercise in ease. Our bags and gadgets were well cared for in the myriad storage options, so stashing and dashing takes mere seconds. No time wasted before the dusky drive.

7:36 PM

Lake Shore Drive on a quiet evening is about as peaceful and picturesque as a city drive can get. Comfortably humming along in the RDX the V6 complies willingly and effortlessly. A little pre-jazz prep, we turn up the ten-speaker Acura/ELS Sound System® to score our drive. The USB/iPod integration and a Spotify account come in handy. Chicago architecture from the comfy leather seats never looked so good, especially with its own brass-fueled city soundtrack. The iconic “corncob” twin Marina Towers bid us good driving, while the gentle glow of the Merchandise Mart and the Chicago Board of Trade in true Art Deco style set the perfect tone for the rest of the evening. Lights, camera, chill.

9:26 PM

Music doesn’t have to involve videos and painfully synchronized dance numbers to justify its existence. Jazz speaks for itself and since the early 20th century, the Green Mill has stood for jazz worshippers to pay homage. Smack in the heart of the north side of the city, the Green Mill displays its white and green lighted sign for all to see — announcing that something good is going on inside. As we pick up some reflections in jazz history, we can’t help but notice a few reflections of some of the city’s better (and older) lights in the glass.

Chicago is a city that’s meant to be experienced. Throwing a day’s worth of tension out the moonroof, we took in the gentle din and the less boisterous tone of midwestern urbanity. On this Friday evening, there was nothing but the beauty of the lake and the city, soothing notes of Chicago jazz, and room and horsepower to spare in our evening’s chariot. Sea(side) and see more. Double check. What’s next for Gear Patrol and the RDX? Stay tuned.

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Photography by Gerber+Scarpelli