Rack 'em

Kuat Dirtbag Bike Rack

Slap a logo on any hunk of metal and you have just jacked the price at least ten-fold. Kuat resists the temptation with the Dirtbag, a bike rack that probably epitomizes the paragon of simplicity and value. Sturdily constructed of steel with no moving parts, the rack attaches with bolts or screws to an available surface, such as a truck bed, to provide a low-cost option for transporting bicycles. With a minimalist turn, the fork holder uses your bike’s QR skewer to secure your steed. It comes with a lifetime warrantly, but honestly, there’s nothing to break. At $13, it’s almost as cheap as riding to your destination and probably faster—traffic on the 5 or 95 notwithstanding.

Buy Now: $13