It puts the lotion on

Ursa Major Fortifying Face Balm

Style : Grooming By Photo by Ursa Major

Is treating your face well too effeminate for you? Get over yourself. Unless you’ve got the symmetry of Matt Bomer or go by first name “Tom”, last name “Hardy”, there’s no good reason to glorify skin like a catcher’s mitt. Ursa Major Fortifying Face Balm ($36) is a great option for topical care this summer. The Balm is 100% natural and 82% organic (yes, two different measurements) and includes aloe, carrot, birch and rosemary, which should please you back-to-mother-earth nuts. More importantly, the cream works great to soothe burned or damaged skin along with serving double duty as a great aftershave lotion that helps with bumps, razor burn and ingrowns. It’s light and not oily, so you won’t feel like you’re smearing cold cream all over yourself. It’s pricey at $36, but unless you’ve got an itching to look like Mr. Eastwood (circa now) in your 30s, give your face a break.

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