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Sony SmartWatch

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Smartphones are the ultimate connectivity security blanket for a new generation of consumers. But the gift of talking, texting and tweeting from anywhere we fancy comes at the price of distraction. Today, we’re all seemingly at the beck and call of a chime or vibration, pausing life to dig into pockets and bags, just to make sure the internet is still going strong.

Sony’s SmartWatch is a new accessory designed to provide “critical” updates for Android users at a glance, making it easy to discretely stay in the loop without losing focus.

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The novel Bluetooth accessory’s 1.42″ x 1.42″ face houses a 1.3″ OLED touch display. At a glance, the 0.3″ thick interactive square and included black rubber band could easily be mistaken for a typical digital watch. Sony also offers five other bolder watch straps which can easily be swapped on thanks to an integrated clip on the back as well as an adapter for using other traditional watch bands. This flexibility is a boon for fashion forward buyers, but the clip does add bulk which will irritate some.

The device is designed to work with most handsets sporting Android 2.1 and above, but has been fully optimized for Sony’s latest smartphones such as the Xperia(TM) ion and Xperia(TM) S. After installing the free Sony LiveWare Manager and SmartWatch Android apps on a compatible phone, you can customize the watch interface with a variety of applications to transform the watch into a remote of sorts for the phone.


Viewing weather updates, checking Twitter and Facebook or controlling your music player, all while keeping your phone in your pocket certainly has appeal. It’s the missed call and text messaging applications, however, that make the SmartWatch a potential boon for the busy professional. These apps let wearers view incoming calls and mute the ringer, send them directly to voicemail, or even reply with a customized text response with just a tap. Inopportune texts and emails are just as easily managed.

It may not be the digital brain implant of the future we’re still waiting for, but if you’re an Android user looking to keep your information addiction on the down low, this geek chic accessory could be the ticket.

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