Light jogging

Black Diamond Sprinter Headlamp

Now there’s officially a headlamp for every scenario. The Black Diamond Sprinter ($54) is designed for low-light runs departing from a consistent base of operations (a.k.a. your home) and perfect for twilight or dawn workouts. As the first headlamp to tout a lithium rechargeable battery, you won’t have to deal with swapping out AAs, but its proprietary charging station requires an outlet, making it pretty much worthless for extended vision quests out in the bush.

Still, the 3.5 ounce lamp charges in under 6 hours and boasts 64 hours of use on low (8-meter beam), 10 hours on medium (22-meter beam) or even 5 hours on its max 64 lumen output (50-meter beam). The integrated rear LED strobe also keeps city runners in front of cars, versus under them, with the option of turning it off to conserve juice when not needed. Moreover, if the trail takes a turn for the worse the torch will survive a wet dunk down to 1 meter — even if your pride won’t.

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