Light speed

Insteon LED Bulb

If light bulbs excite you about as much as lightly toasted bread, then allow the Insteon LED Bulb to rock your dimly lit world. Not only does it provide the brightness of a 60-100W incandescent bulb on a mere 8W, you can control the bulb remotely using a keypad, motion sensors, remote control and… wait for it… yes, your smartphone. Because you don’t have enough apps.

The bulb is compatible with both iOS and Android, and it’s the first time remote networking controls are housed within the actual bulb. You also don’t need to worry about networking stage fright, since the bulbs automatically sync to the Isteon network, so you can freely relocate bulbs without worrying about making any adjustments. Though the bulbs are $30 a pop, they do boast LED bulb longevity. The downside is the additional $100/year charge to join the Isteon. Simple controls enable you to customize the bulb’s settings from subtle romantic glow to full-on alien abduction. You can even activate multiple Insteon bulbs from one control point, so you can really throw a surprise party that’ll induce cardiac arrest. Installation is as simple as turning your wrist, so if you can’t handle that, you’re probably best continuing to use fire, ya hairy caveman.

Buy Now: $30