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2013 Audi R8 V10 Plus

Cars By Photo by Audi

Refreshing a supercar is like asking Aishwarya Rai to pretty herself up. No easy task. Well, Audi recently released photos of their R8 V10 Plus, the new supercar range topper for the German automaker, and though the design changes are fairly noticeable via updated tube LED headlights and revised taillights, it’s the performance that gets our attention the most. The Plus model houses a 550 horsepower V10 engine (illuminated in the compartment with LEDs) that will launch the car to 60 mph in a quick 3.5 seconds and a top speed of 197. It also utilizes Audi’s new seven-speed S tronic transmission with lightning fast shifting worthy of a car of this stature. Other nice additions are matte paint colors, a revised front splitter with carbon fiber, a new bumper, and an impressive 18 mpg (keep in mind that a Lamborghini Aventador gets about 13). Look for this everyday supercar’s price at a mere cost of $210,341. Yes, you should definitely feel free to grab a fistful of mints at the dealership when you get the oil changed.

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