Design Spotlight: Life-Saving 5-in-1 Tool

Design By Photo by Oded Antman

Sledge hammer, hoe, crow bar, hook, wire cutter, nail puller. They sound like the members of a punkrock metal band, but sorry, this isn’t an album review. Those tools make up the individual components of a prototype tool that could save your life. A strictly utilitarian tool of survival, it has the makings of a deranged mountain climber’s axe. But rather than wedging into scree, the multitool clears rubble and can free natural or man-made disaster victims from debris. Tamir Niv, a student at Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, has created the Multitool for civilians, who are often left with useless home and garden tools when disaster strikes — a shotgun on the mantle only goes so far. The orientation of the head determines whether the tool cuts or clears, levers or pulls. Two of the tools can even be connected at a hinge point to form an impromptu jaw of life, but even on its own the long-handled tool can do quite a bit of damage to metal, earth or stone.

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