Salame Bene

Olli Salumeria Salame

Culture By Photo by Olli

Salame (or “salami” to us Yanks) deserves to be called the swiss army knife of comestibles. Whether it’s a picnic, a fancy dinner, or a last minute get-together, you can always count on the cured delicacy to liven up and accompany any food offering. But not every salame is made equal, and Olli Salumeria proves just that. If the mouth-watering pictures aren’t enough to convince you, then no doubt their 160-year old family recipe will A total of five artisanal slow-cured meats are offered, all made right here in the USA, from the classic Calabrese to lesser known varieties such as Molisana and Norcino. While the recipes may be hundres of years old, the technology behind the packaging is anything but. State of the art casings made of collagen-coated mesh and dual-layered wrappers ensure that every bite you take doesn’t turn into a workout for your jaw.

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