Midsize in Chicago

2013 Acura RDX: Three if by Air

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Spend a little bit of time outside Chicago, and you’ll get some much needed nature in, which is exactly what we did on our third time out with the Acura RDX. Last time it was the Green Mill, now it’s the green mile. Water, trees and trails constitute our woodsy backdrop this time. We venture out with bikes, tents and all manner of gear — ready for blue skies and some fresh summer air.

We land-lubb it the new RDX, with more details and photos after the jump for the third post in our series.

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8:42 AM

On the outskirts of Chicago, you’ll find nature a-plenty. From the lush and expansive Chicago Botanical Gardens, to kayaking along the coast of Lake Michigan, to biking trails as far as the eye can see. Trading the concrete jungle for the leafy greens and bike trails that stretch for miles is a refreshing change.

9:23 AM

Though the weather’s been a tad on the toasty side of late, a cool breeze greets us near the river where we stop to take it in, and soon enough we’re ready to hit the gravel trails. We transition from four wheels to two and start pedaling. The RDX’s roof rails and bike attachments make for easy mounting and dismounting, and we don’t miss a beat.

10:15 AM

You don’t have to head out west to enjoy the great outdoors. Toss together some gear, a couple of bikes and the desire to enjoy even just a day of fresh air and exercise — and several miles outside of the center of Chicago, you’ll find great places to quiet down and kick back.

The Windy City isn’t just steel, concrete and glass. There’s plenty to do, both urban and suburban. We chose to spend our Saturday morning on both four wheels and on two, and the easy stowage inside and on top of the RDX got us out the door and on the road with speed and style. Consider the (open)Air conquered, as we wait for the final of four posts on the capable Acura RDX. See you next week for more.

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Photography by Gerber+Scarpelli