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BMW C evolution e-Scooter

Cars By Photo by BMW Motorrad

BMW is making waves in the scooter scene, using its extensive knowledge in motorcycle technology with their C 600 Sport and C 650 GT maxi scooters (which will hit showrooms in the fall) and the same lithium-ion battery technology used in the futuristic BMW i8. On the heels of the two remarkable maxi scooters comes the BMW c evolution e-scooter. The c evolution houses a huge 8 kW of electrical storage, pretty impressive for an electric scooter, since electric motorcycles like the Brammo Empulse house a little over 9 kW.

The c evolution boasts a similar output to its internal combustion 600 and 650cc brothers and a range of around 60 miles. Include the benefit of regenerative braking and you can tack on 10 to 20 extra miles of riding pleasure. Add on ABS, multi-function TFT screen and a low center of gravity and you have yourself a German made scooter that’s environmentally conscious, handles well and may even garner a bit of respect from actual motorcyclists.

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