The schooldesk you always wanted

La Boite Laptop Desk & Hi-Fi Soundsystem

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La Boite’s Laptop Desks & HiFi systems are a standing paradox of features and minimalism. They look like desks (because they are desks), but they’re also neatly packaged sound docks with high-quality speakers made exclusively for La Boite — a brand that knows a thing or two about high-end audio. The smaller LD-120 boasts a leather top two tweeters, two full-range speakers, two mid-range speakers, and one woofer. When placed against a wall, its two full-range speakers reflect their sound to emit a wide stereo profile. The minjack input means you can use any tablet, smartphone, or computer as a source for tunes, and a built-in plug means you can power your device while in use. Much to the chagrin of rubber band and twist-tie manufacturers everywhere, this double-threat desk has only one cord — and it’s built into the leg. Because just like you, your favorite jams deserve a functional, comfy and good-looking home.

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