Drive a wedge

Microsoft Wedge Mobile Keyboard & Mouse

Tech : Electronics By Photo by Microsoft

Leaning into the October launch of tablet-ready Windows 8, Microsoft’s Wedge Mobile Keyboard and Mouse saves you from sacrificing screen real estate for data input. The two compact tools are both Bluetooth-enabled and designed to match smoothly with the company’s operating system. The keyboard comes with Hotkeys set to take full advantage of Windows 8 features, like the Charms key (which does something completely unrelated to breakfast or Tiffany bracelets).

Further enhancing the form/function marriage, the flexible rubber keyboard cover doubles as a stand, while shutting down the keyboard automatically once you snap it into the cover. AAA batteries power both peripherals, two to type, one to click. The mouse has BlueTrack technology and works on myriad surfaces, including granite and carpeting. The device is small for portability, but it may present a challenge for big meathooks. $80 gets the keyboard and $70 takes the mouse. A small price to pay for eliminating excuses not to write your mother memoirs.

Buy Now: Keyboard: $80 | Mouse: $70