Out of the Water, I Am Nothing

Hess Surfboards

Sports and Outdoors : Sports By Photo by Erin Kunkel VIA

Maybe it started for you the first time you watched a set roll in, before you knew what a set was, and gazed in open-mouthed amazement as the locals made it look oh-so-easy. Or maybe you just caught 30 minutes of Blue Crush on late night TV. Regardless of how you first fell in love with surfing though, Hess Surfboards are bound to reaffirm your passion while lighting a fire in your wallet.

Founder Danny Hess turns amapola, cork and poplar into the skins, perimeter frames and stringers of his boards to create an end product that’s not only beautifully crafted, but also delivers predictable flex while eliminating the twist that plagues their foam-constructed counterparts. That perimeter stringer design is also responsible for a more responsive board with better rail-to-rail feedback. In short, Hess’s design and materials combine to create surfing companions with long lifespans, high toughness and simplistic elegance you won’t find elsewhere. So whether you’re looking for a quad-finned shorty, a Longboard or something in between, you’ll be spoiled for choice.

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