Don't swim with the fishes

Patgonia River Crampons

Sports and Outdoors By Photo by Patagonia

Taking a swim sounds nice this summer, but only if you’re a safe and willing participant. Patagonia River Crampons ($200) are the latest invention in “don’t tumble into fast-moving water” technology, and if you’re a serious fisherman they’re a worthy purchase.

The crampons strap over your wading boots using a simple harness system and are made of a stainless steel frame and aluminum bar treads. Fisherman used to skating and stumbling (we all do it) will be pleasantly surprised by the immovable traction the crampons provide. The aluminum treads are sharp enough to cut through slick rock slime and moss but soft enough to dig into rocks, saving you the energy and terror of near-falls. What’s more, since they’re removable and fast-drying, the crampons give more protection against the spread of invasive species than porous rubber and fabric wading boots — so while you’re saving your own hide, you’re also saving your favorite fishing spot.

Buy Now: $200