Quickly as Charged

Bushnell PowerSync

Bushnell is a brand synonymous with high quality outdoor optics, but when it comes to solar power the brand has been noticeably quiet. But all that may soon change as the company widens its focus (if you will) with their new line of PowerSync portable charging devices debuting next January. The lineup includes solar chargers for active energy gathering and battery-powered sources for fixed-amount, preplanned excursions. We’ve always been keen on the quality of Bushnell products, so this new direction has us anxiously checking our calendars.

The solar-powered line uses pliable, tough and lightweight amorphous silicon film cells to gather light more efficiently than traditional solar devices, even on cloudy days, which means these devices will be some of the most efficient around. Also, each cell in the charger operates individually so even if one cell gets mangled from a drop or bump your charging service won’t be interrupted. For early-planners, the PowerSync Batteries are designed for pre-journey juicing and can yield a whopping 48 hours of battery life on as little as 2 hours of charge time through the use of efficient quick-charging technology.

The only thing left to consider is which device not to use while you’re in the great outdoors. After all, that’s the reason you’re out there in the first place.