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Skratch Labs Hydration Mix

Sports scientist and professional cycling coach, Dr. Allen Lim, noticed that the sports drinks his riders were ingesting weren’t doing much to aid their performance and in some instances were even making his athletes sick. But instead of reaching for the haterade, Lim began making his own drink — one with all-natural ingredients, far lower sugar content, actual fruit flavoring, and added electrolytes. After years of positive and popular use on the cycling tours under the moniker “Secret Drink Mix” — due to the many professional riders who were dumping out their sponsor’s drinks and replacing it with Lim’s concoction, — the good doctor launched Boulder-based Skratch Labs and has now introduced his official Skratch Labs Hydration Mix ($20).

Available in four different flavors — Lemons & Limes, Raspberries, Oranges, and Pineapples — the Hydration Mix comes in two distinct, powder-based formulas. The Exercise Hydration Mix is the original formula that Lim crafted in French hotel rooms during the Tour de France. The Everyday Hydration Mix, was created alternatively for “daily hydration that you can use anytime you might be dehydrated.” Looks like it’s time to reformulate your hangover cure from Skratch.

Buy Now: $20 (1 Lb bag)