Midsize in Chicago

2013 Acura RDX: Land, Sea and Air

Cars By Photo by Gerber+Scarpelli


We have a new appreciation for the Windy City for all its history and all that’s fresh and new. From jazz roots and architectural gems to outdoor splendors and new attractions, Chicago is a city that warrants prolonged visits, permanent stays and never-ending wonderment. We engaged Chicago in the comforts of the 2013 RDX from Land, Sea Side and Open Air over the course of a summer month and found the mid-sizer lacking for nothing.

See a wrap-up of our adventures in the new RDX with more details and photos after the jump for the final of four posts.

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We packed up a day’s worth of gear to head to the city’s south side to take in Frank Lloyd Wright’s iconic Robie House, a prairie style piece of Chicago architecture that stands alone in its simple genius. Getting there and back, viewing the city skyline and marveling at great Chicago architecture in the cool confines of the RDX was an exercise in comfort, refinement and utility.

Sea Side

The beautiful calm light of dusk along Chicago’s scenic Lake Shore Drive, our own Sea Side, led us downtown to see what a quieter view of the city would look like. The evening lent a softer tone to the city’s architecture and allowed us to take in the sights as the traffic subsided and the crowds dispersed. The darkness of the later hours brought us to a classic jazz venue, the Green Mill, and Chicago’s jazz history captivated us on a perfectly clear Chicago night.

Open Air

With bikes, bags, blankets and beverages, we took to the wooded outdoors on Chicago’s outskirts and the RDX made easy work of it all. The summer sun and the Open Air beckoned us to take a different Chicago angle by hitting the trails, the trees and the fields of green. The morning ride gave us cause to relax and enjoy a lunch with the sound of birds and the gentle summer breeze.

The 2013 Acura RDX proved a capable and stylish ride throughout our adventures. This is a midsize done right. Everything you want and nothing you don’t need — solid power, great fuel economy, ample seating and cargo room, and amenities and accessories to please our urban sensibilities. We’ll certainly miss it but we take comfort in the knowledge that Acura’s thinking has led to a vehicle that is a distinct pleasure to take on Land, at the Sea Side and through the Open Air.

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Photography by Gerber+Scarpelli