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Snow Peak Baja Burner LI

Sports and Outdoors : Camping By Photo by Snow Peak

Here’s a new twist on an old dictum: dissatisfaction is the mother of all invention. This illustrates well what set accomplished mountaineer Yukio Yamai on the path to a superior stove that could meet all his needs without unnecessary clunkiness. His Baja Burner LI ($160) is simplicity and humbleness made tangible. Composed of stainless steel, aluminium and brass — trademark Snow Peak elements — the Baja Burner exudes a sensibility that’s undoubtedly Japanese. Its simplicity is matched only by its flexibility, too. Whether you find yourself trekking the side of a mountain range or overlooking the cityscape from your own balcony, the Baja Burner’s liquid injection fuel system promises unparalleled performance for its size. The leg supports can be easily folded, which makes carrying the stove as easy as boiling water. Mountaintop cuisine’s never been so accessible.

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