Sweet on you

Tonewood Maple Products

Culture By Photo by Tonewood

Now that you’re no longer a pimple-faced adolescent, we think it’s just fine to betray your loyalties to the Butterworth and Jemima matriarchs. While you’re at it, lose the frozen waffles, too, and ramp up to Tonewood Maple products. Their maple-infused lineup ranges from specialty syrups to melt-in-your-mouth maple wafers and, of course, a decadent maple sugar cube. Tonewood wholeheartedly believes that maple flavor extends beyond mere syrup and their line of products prove it. Furthermore, all of Tonewoods tasty maple products are single-sourced, pure and completely additive free. They also fund climate research, local farming and sustainable forestry — all to preserve the production of maple products, but all you have to do is marvel at how good breakfast just became.

Buy Now: $10-$120