Silence on the lam

Yakima Whispbar

Cars By Photo by Yakima

The new Yakima Whispbar ($450+) aims to change the way the world looks at rooftop luggage and gear loading, and listens to it too. A former Rolls Royce aircraft engineer obsessed with aerodynamics partnered with the University of Canterbury and Industrial Research Ltd, to invest thousands of R&D hours to develop a roof rack system. The result is the wind-tunnel approved Whispbar system that’s not only noise-free, but free of any distracting design.

In fact Whispbars near drag-less design are so easy on the air, and eyes, that they’ve taken home a prestigious IF product design award — a first for roof racks. With four options to choose from, ranging from the light-duty Flush Bar to the extra beefy HD Bar, Yakima has covered all the bases, and base models too. Used in conjunction with their Smartfoot Technology mounting system there’s an option for whatever vehicle you use to schlepp your gear to and fro. And if you do happen to put Rover on the roof while positioning some pieces, at least now you’ll definitely hear him.

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