uDesign, uWin (maybe)

Callaway RAZR Fit uDesign Driver

Confidence has long been considered a key component to a solid golf game — if you’re bold in your approach, the rest will take care of itself. For some, that assuredness is found through long hours on the range; for others, it’s in knowing that the boom stick coming out of their bag is Rickie Fowler-orange. Callaway’s new RAZR Fit uDesign Driver buoys your confidence through ridiculous (awesome) micromanagement.

Using the uDesign system, players can alter every inch of their new club before they buy. The loft, shaft type, length, grip, and yes, color, can all be adapted to meet the needs of even the most discerning aesthete. What’s more, the system is built upon the already hyper-customizable and popular RAZR Fit driver, which allows you to further manipulate face angle and ball flight and means there’s absolutely no excuse for getting the shakes as you step into the box. But if you find yourself questioning how the color of your driver can affect your game, know this: the 2012 Masters Tournament was won with a pink driver. And if it’s good enough for Bubba at Augusta, that’s good enough for us.

Buy Now: $449+