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Jaws Blu-Ray Edition

Culture By Photo by Universal

Real, life-affirming creations of art that come along at the right place at the right time to transform culture as we know it are… well, rare. Jaws is such a masterpiece, and one that has captivated audiences for nearly forty years. The film struck a chord through cutting edge effects, a genius score, and of course, incredible raw talent — Spielberg’s first big directing break at age 28 — plus Dreyfuss, Scheider, and Shaw. Come August 14th, Universal Home Entertainment is bringing it all back through a remastered Blu-ray version ($20) of the film has been painstakingly pieced together from the actual negatives and stays true to the original 2.39:1 aspect ratio. Jon William’s dread-inducing score and the howls of devoured swimmers have also received a massive upgrade in the form of a DTS-HD Master Audio 7.1 soundtrack. Die hard fans should geek out over the included Ultraviolet copy, hours of documentary footage, deleted scenes, and archival production notes, long after the 125 minute feature is over.

If you care to know more, we’ve embedded a video after the break outlining the restoration process.

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