Virtually a Reality

Kickstarter: Oculus Rift Virtual Reality Headset

Design By Photo by Oculus Rift

Virtual Reality (VR) gaming headsets have long sported a gimmicky “TRON” feel, but the Oculus Rift Virtual Reality Headset bucks that trend. It’s a head mounted display that actually works well in gameplay, and it’s receiving a lot of attention from big names in gaming. Oh, and it’s already raised six times its $250,000 pledge goal (that’s $1.5 million for you English majors out there), with 23 days still to go on Kickstarter.

Designed by Palmer Lucky and released at this year’s E3 Gaming conference, the Rift is made for PC gaming and looks like a big honking pair of ski goggles. In layman’s terms, the Oculus Rift provides 3D, immersive gaming wherein turning your head becomes part of a game’s controls. While it may not be ultra stylish, the headset blows other virtual reality gaming systems out of the water because of its ultra low latency head tracking (it doesn’t lag as your head moves), 110 degree diagonal field of vision and a reasonable price tag. The Oculus Rift team is hoping to raise enough money to continue development of the product and get the system to game developers, who can integrate the product into upcoming games. Hopefully that’ll be in time to scare your pants off in immersive future DOOM or F.E.A.R. 3 gaming.

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