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Salamander Designs Chameleon Collection

Home By Photo by HD Living

More charming than that cinder-block-and-board setup and stronger to boot, Salamander Designs Chameleon Collection ($800+) entertainment cabinets add functional class to your high end audio/video components. With 9 styles and 19 different configurations (single cabinet through quad), the furniture fits into any bachelor pad but will pass every style test your missus can think up. Our favorites are the ultra-sleek, clean-lined and smoked-glass Oslo, the simple, dark Venice, or the traditional English country look of the Hampton style — but every piece has its own distinct appeal.

The draw isn’t simply a décor improvement — the collection is designed to protect your equipment while simultaneously allowing better access. Pieces can handle between 500 and 800 pounds, easily withstanding a hefty subwoofer and your Uncle Herb’s use of it as a chair at your next family function. Removeable rear panels and pull-out media trays make for easy cabling and configuration, while adjustable shelves and ventilated panels accommodate a wide range of receivers, amplifiers, game consoles and media players. Now, if only you could find some way to class up that very functional bean-bag chair, everyone would be happy.

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