Cut cables, keep the beats

Pioneer XDJ-Aero Wireless DJ Controller

Tech : Electronics By Photo by Pioneer

Slowly but surely, the DJ world winds up head bobbing to consumer audio trends. Pioneer’s newly minted XDJ-Aero Wireless DJ Controller ($1,399) is the first controller of its kind to support wireless streaming from phones, tablets, and laptops out of the box. If Wi-Fi isn’t available, the XDJ-Aero can also create its own wireless access point when connected directly to ethernet, or in the worst case, link directly to music devices via USB.

No matter how users prefer spinning up beats, the integrated two channel mixer provides all of the control tweaks required for typical sets including a wide range of effects and can record shows directly to a hard drive via USB. It won’t replace today’s high end pro rigs by any skip of the needle. But considering it measures 24.5 inches (wide) x 11.4 inches (deep) x 2.5 inches (high) and weighs just over 8 pounds, it’s got the portable chops for any would-be Deadmau5 with a tour schedule to match.

Buy Now: $1,399