Longform meat

Side Project Jerky

Culture By Photo by Side Project

If you’re cool with eating the same dried meats as Sasquatch, by all means, continue munching away and enjoy the doublewide. But if you thirst (or crave) for a finer meat-snack, look no further than Side Project Jerky ($8). Dehydrated with love and meticulous attention you expect from a Swiss watch or a German car, Side Project Jerky does away with the tobacco-chewing stigma of roadside jerky brands. The amuse bouche of jerky, if you will.

Unfortunately, you can’t pick this jerky up at your local gas station. Side Project is all about care and attention — the hand-cutting and -wrapping come to mind — and you’ll have to exercise a week’s worth of patience after ordering. For a tasty piece of chewy meat though, that’s just fine by us.

Buy Now: $8