If a tree falls in the woods while everyone's wearing noise cancelling headphones...

Tivoli Audio Radio Silenz Headphones

Tech : Electronics By Photo by Tivoli

Stylish radio maker Tivoli Audio is now venturing into the headphone world. Forgive Tivoli Audio Radio Silenz ($160) headphones their ridiculous name; they are a nice addition to the ever growing noise canceling market.

The ‘phones have all the normal fixins: active battery noise cancellation that can be switched on and off, high performance 40mm drivers and even a well-intentioned “defeat” button that immediately disarms noise cancellation and reduces audio levels, giving you the option of listening to annoying comments without taking off your ears. On top of the normal canon, the Radio Silenz use wood housings rather than plastic ones — they’re the first noise canceling headphones to do so. The wood reduces resonance and increases sound quality, and from what we’ve seen of the black, cherry or walnut finishes, make them more handsome than you.

Buy Now: $160