Clean like a beast

Dyson DC44 Animal

Home By Photo by Dyson

“Animal” carries some classic connotations: The hairy drummer and all-around bad ass member of The Muppets, one half of the Legion of Doom, the most dominating tag team in wrestling history, and of course, the preeminent party movie of any generation, Animal House. There’s a new brother in this fraternity of beasts… and it’s a household appliance. Yes, the Dyson DC44 Animal ($400) is the most hardcore, power-packed, weaponized handheld vacuum cleaner there is.

OK, maybe it doesn’t have quite the panache of those other “Animals.” But with an endless list of features, including a detachable long-reach wand, a motorized floor tool, carbon fiber bristles, 20-minute run time and unrelenting bagless Root Cyclone technology, this puppy could suck the smirk clean off Kermit’s green face if it was so inclined. The price may scare off some who in the market for a little high-end suction, but rest assured, this thing scares the hell outta dirt.

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