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Phiaton PS 20 NC Earphones

Tech : Electronics By Photo by Phiaton

Noise canceling headphones bring sanity to an otherwise cacophonous world, but often at the price of cranial bulk. Phiaton’s PS 20 NC ($129) earphones erase that downside with a “half in-ear” design and proprietary “Noise Blocker” technology that removes 95% of ambient noise.

Spec-wise, audio nuts will appreciate a frequency response of 15- 22,000-Hz which translates into great bass and treble balance for optimal listening across any genre. Useful extras include four sizes of silicone ear tips (in case you have mouse or dumbo ears), a carrying case, convenient cord adjuster and a built-in remote control. Plus, even after the AAA battery runs out of juice, you can still listen to your tunes — you’ll only lose the ability to block out 95% of your mother-in-law’s bitching.

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