Distraction disabler

The Desk by Christofer Ödmark

Home By Photo by Ödmark

We always stress simplicity, and that’s why The Desk ($1,850) by Christofer Ödmark strikes a chord with us. Much like other focus-centric tables we’ve shown you, The Desk aids productivity through smart design. Ödmark’s desk accomplishes this through the removal of distractions — cords, namely — to turn your work space into a large (59 x 35 x 29 inches) blank canvas. Eight power sockets at the back of the table work as a clutter-removing power strip and hide your cords and adapters; one detachable power cord is all that requires plugging in. It’s achingly handsome too with its solid oak top and spindly steel legs. Just remember: expensive desk doesn’t necessarily mean great work.

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