Dress like the legends

Martin Golf Apparel

Golf, a game steeped in heritage and tradition, has been plunged into full-blown athletic competition in the 21st century, and most apparel has been pulled along with it. Martin Golf founder Rick Martin preserves golf’s timeless legacy through the use of natural fibers like cotton and wool to design full-cut duds that are sharp both on and off the links.

You won’t find any synthetics here. Martin’s fibers won’t shrink or fade, so make sure you size appropriately. The only downside is that the company’s apparel can only be found in pro shops, but hey, we love best-kept secrets. Shirts and vests range from $80-$95; given their life expectancy, they’re far more economical than their hyper-synthetic counterparts. You’ll be looking like John Daly’s polar opposite in no time.

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