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Spy The Lie

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It’s estimated that — on average — a person tells a lie anywhere from one to ten times per day. That’s hard for us to believe, since we always speak the truth. In Spy the Lie ($16), former CIA officers Philip Houston, Michael Floyd and Susan Carnicero explain how to spot the difference between truth and untruth.

Anecdotal and instructive, the book both entertains and provides truth-seeking techniques from the most powerful intelligence entity in the world. A mysterious and handsome member of the GP staff who served in the CIA ensures us that these guys know how to break you down. From visual observation to polygraphs to interrogation, Spy the Lie teaches you the consistent tendencies of those masking the truth. So the next time you ask your buddy if he drank the six-pack you were saving for date night, you can break out your “CIA training” and get to the root of his diabolical deception.

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