No assembly required

Kelty Mach 6 Air Pitch Tent

Camping is awesome. Simple as that. Where it does get a bit hairy, though, is in the construction of your own personal nature suite, the tent. Even at the best of times, getting one put together and upright is still a chore. It gets exponentially worse with every brew you consume — a number that inherently grows as your dread of bungled tent assembly does.

To alleviate this headache, the Kelty has offered their volley into the trend of inflatable tents with the Kelty Mach 6 Air Pitch Tent. Offering two separate rooms with 49ft of space and a centrally-located area that reaches 39 square feet. How do you get it pitched, you ask? A handy foot pump that allows for simultaneous inflation (see the video after the jump) with grog in hand.

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