Turns in turn

Black & Decker Max Gyro

Home By Photo by B & D VIA

For those of you preparing to go away to college, let us give you a little heads up. When arriving on campus you will have but one goal: get your parents out as soon as possible. Unfortunately, they will have already put in place a preemptive defense. Along with the bed and bath, they’ve also been kind enough to provide you with the beyond — a veritable fortress of unnecessary things built from plywood storage solutions and mini papasan chairs. It will all eventually be broken, stolen, unused or forgotten. But first, it must be put together.

While it may have been created for other purposes in mind, the Black & Decker Max Gyro Screwdriver ($40) is exactly what you need to get the show on the road. With a built-in gyroscope, this mini-furniture builder senses the user’s movements — turn it clockwise, and the bit drives, turn it the other way, and it reverses. At 4-volts, it won’t be helping you and your pops build a deck next summer, but it sure as hell can handle a side table or two. Unfortunately, the Max Gyro won’t be available until this November, which means future incoming freshmen have something to look forward to. Why is it always the class after you that gets the good stuff?

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