Zagato staccato

BMW Zagato Roadster

Cars By Photo by BMW

A few months ago, we showed you gorgeous photos of the BMW Zagato Coupe formed from the minds at the Italian design house. Well, they’ve pulled off the covers and the roof of the BMW Zagato Roadster for the Concours d’Elegance at Pebble Beach this weekend, and it is stunning — on screen and in person. Though most of the original coupe design is carried over to the droptop version, the entire rear end had to be redesigned due to the meat of the original roof design over the rear wheels. We think it’s incredibly well done here, and supposedly the canopy still has the signature twin bubble roof design that Zagato is famous for. The most incredibly part, however, is the time it took to design this car for Pebble Beach — only six weeks.

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