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We’ve all experienced the regret of giving out our number only to be hounded with unwanted attention from a temporary business, clandestine, er… romantic acquaintance. Apple’s new Burner application provides iPhone users with an anonymous, disposable phone number for “one off” interactions at a safe distance. Like a mobster or international man of mystery using a “drop” or “burner” phone, your more prosaic pursuits in dating, Craigslist, short-term projects or registering for the chance of lifetime opportunity for an all expense-paid trip to Shangri-La can be conducted with a degree of easily curtailed control.

The app, developed by Ad Hoc Labs, gives you use of a burn number for incoming and outgoing calls along with SMS tweets. Each phone number can be turned on or sent directly to a discreet, professional voicemail. More importantly, each number can be erased or transferred to your real number at your whim. That cute girl you met at the club who brought her two cats, Mr. Snuggles and Captain Booberry, on your first dinner date? Yea, that’s a burner. Three credits (two bucks) gives you a Burner number that lasts for 20 minutes of talk, 60 texts, or 7 days. Additional credits can be purchased to extend your use of individual numbers or add multiple burn lines: 8 credits for $5, 15 for $8, and 25 for $12. Burner won’t hide illegal activities from the local constabulatory/FBI/NSA, but good-natured crank calls, inebriated hook-ups, juggling multiple women or job searches while at work just become safer.

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