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POC Sports Tempor Helmet

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Cycling helmets often look space-age goofy, but they’re also badass (they show you’re into hurtling down hills, don’t they?) and absolutely necessary to keep you alive. The POC Sports Tempor Helmet (~$570) incorporates incredible aerodynamics and ventilation for time trial cyclists while maintaining the utmost in safety — and a unique look to boot.

We’ve covered the Swedish company’s beautiful brain guardians before, but this is their first foray into road biking. The helmet was designed with the aerodynamics of the entire body in mind (not just the head) and integrates seamlessly with the rider’s racing position. To keep your egg from cracking the next time you go down hard, Energy-absorbing material and thick liner in exposed areas are optimized with smart ventilation design. The Tempor has some serious testing to back it up — more than 60 billion individual simulations, to be exact — and POC used an F1 car’s wind tunnel projections as their target. That’s like testing you against your old man, Hercules and Steve McQueen. Good luck, tubby.

Buy Now: ~$570