Fit and Figured

Bonobos Pantsformation


It’s the pants that make the man. Isn’t that how the saying goes? Regardless, when’s the last time someone complimented you on the pants you were wearing. Never, you say? It’s time to put a stop to that slack-jawed indifference and graduate to Bonobos. Take one part well-intended gentleman, one-part fashion ignoramus and one-part open-minded optimist — throw out your old, ill-fitting pants and toss in a full dose of Bonobos — and what you’ll be left with is the best fitting, best looking pair of pants you’ve ever donned.

Since 2007, Bonobos has grown into a powerhouse. Built on the laurels of their well-tailored, athletic fit pants — New York Magazine called them the “Best Men’s Pants” — that look just as good with a pair of sneakers and polos as they do brogues and blazers, a pair of Bonobos are simply world-class. Paired with ninja-like customer service, 365-day returns, free shipping and a wide variety of real-life wares for the real-life guy, it’s hard to go wrong.

So start your Pantsformation today by using the code PANTSFORM at checkout for 20% off your first purchase. And if you happen to live in New York City or Boston and prefer a personalized experience, be sure to schedule a visit at a Bonobos Guideshop where a Bonobos Guide (complimentary personal shopper) will help put together the best fits and styles. But don’t take our word for it, watch Josh’s (above) own Pantsformation after the jump.

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