Brit Lit (Wit)

Hello Goodbye Hello

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Oh, the Brits. They’re funny, they like tea, they just finished hosting the Olympics — and if you’ve sunk your teeth into Brit Lit, then you know they write decent books. Craig Brown’s Hello Goodbye Hello is [in our best accent] bloody well clever. The book is, simply, 101 daisy-chained true encounters between the rich, famous and powerful. Luckily for you, Brown doesn’t highlight dull, everyday how-do-you-dos. Marilyn Monroe meets Frank Lloyd Wright. Nixon meets Elvis. Salvador Dali meets Sigmund Freud. Hitler almost meets his end by way of a careless British driver. If none of those sound intriguing to you, then maybe you’d prefer tea with the Queen, but we’d consider adding Hello Goodbye Hello‘s light humor and short anecdotal format to our list of perfect summer reads.

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