Teeming with soul-searching narrative and impossibly rich cinematography, Searching for West chronicles Mark Seacat, a Montana hunter, and his interconnection with hunting. Balancing Seacat’s duties as a husband and father — his son, West, was born mere days before elk season — and his hunting responsibilities, director Christopher Murphy and cinematographer Logan Triplett weave scene after scene of quiet contemplation and conflict. Set in a hauntingly stark Montana as Seacat searches for the perfect bull, the 30 minute film leaves no second to waste. Inspiring moments, from the full draw of Seacat’s compound bow to a nostalgic moment on a shooting range are reinforced with precision shots, time lapses and sweeping aerials — not to mention the score — that will leave you breathless. Can a paragon for hunting be in a film that has little to with it? With Searching for West it just might be.

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