Whittle me this

L.L. Bean 100th Anniversary Swiss Army Knife

The heralded Freeport, Maine outdoor retailer has been in the business since 1912, and their line of 100th Anniversary products now includes the L.L. Bean 100th Anniversary Swiss Army Knife. Created in partnership with Swiss Army Knife maker Wenger, the heirloom knife is made of simple but attractive reclaimed walnut wood, and each model’s woodgrain pattern makes it unique. In addition to the main blade, the knife comes with a bottle opener, wire bender, nail file, nail cleaner, corkscrew, can opener, Phillips screwdriver, mini-key ring, and awl (we don’t miss the toothpick). The L.L. Bean 100th Anniversary logo are also engraved in the handle and etched in the blade. You can certainly whittle away to your heart’s content. Just don’t whittle the actual knife.

Buy Now: $59