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Canon EOS C100

Tech : Cameras By Photo by Canon

Outgrown your 5D Mark II(I) or 7D, but not quite ready to shell out $16 large for the Canon C300? Meet the Canon EOS C100 ($7,999). A budget entry solution into the Canon Cinema EOS system, the C100 is designed for indy outfits or overly zealous amateurs. Offering up similar technology to the C300 including the prodigiously huge Super 35mm image sensor, the smaller, C100 still captures 1080p at a bitrate of 24Mbps (or uncompressed to an external recorder) and a wide ISO range of 320-20000. Canon hasn’t handicapped the design or sound either. A modular add-on system, wide-variety of customizable controls, pro-audio inputs, and total compatibility with our Canon EF glass, make the C100 a no-brainer for the budget auteur.

Of course, if the C100 and C300 still aren’t enough for you, you can check out the newly announced big brother, the totally hardcore 120fps 4k-gobbling Canon C500 — weighing in at a whopping $30,000.

Buy Now: $7,999 (Available November)