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Symbol LP Storage Cabinets

Tech : Electronics By Photo by Symbol

There’s nothing quite like the sound of a record whisking as it spins, but while we need not wax poetic about the nostalgia of needle to vinyl, the other part of what makes records so satisfying is, well, the actual record. More importantly, the sacred process of stashing them away into storage like the Symbol LP Storage Cabinet.

Benchmade in West Virginia out of solid walnut or maple, each cabinet houses “hopper” drawers that cascade open to reveal storage for up to 160 records per drawer. Each piece is available in one of five finishes, and can even be built with CD drawers. But something tells us that if you’re the kind of guy that’s looking for a storage solution to keep hundreds of records, you’ve probably sent your CD’s the route of the digitized-Dodo. Regardless of what you store in it, one thing’s for certain: showing off your music collection this way sure beats the hell out of proffering up iTunes CoverFlow to your guests.

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