Briefings: Neil Armstrong’s Photos, Pithouse Playlists, Perfectionism, Surfing NYC, and Meditation

Whenever someone passes it’s a good opportunity to reflect on what we knew about them, what they meant in our lives, and how the world will be different without them. Neil Armstrong’s lesser-known skills, meditations on perfectionism, and meditations on meditation, in this week’s Briefings.

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1. What to Scope | Neil Armstrong’s Photos

Neil Armstrong’s passing means different things to different people: He was an astronaut, a pilot in the U.S. Navy, a professor, a philanthropist, a husband and a father. One discipline he isn’t often associated with is photography. In fact, Armstrong was the photographer on the successful lunar mission in 1969. His photos, taken with a modified 70mm Hasselblad 500EL, are on the website of photographer Chase Jarvis.

2. What to Hear | Pithouse Playlists

Wondering what to put on the stereo when you’re up at 4 a.m. cutting trees, making coals, and cooking whole hogs? Garden and Gun goes inside the pit with Rodney Scott, owner of Scott’s Bar-B-Cue in Hemingway, South Carolina, to see what’s on his playlist. If you like KC & The Sunshine Band, Slick Rick, and Sam Cooke, read on.

3. What to Consider | Perfectionism

Fast Company‘s Anjali Mullany has a question for you: “Is your obsession with perfection keeping you from achieving your goals?” Or is it watching videos of people drifting exotic cars that’s the problem (our question)? Mullany’s might be the deeper question with less obvious answers and implications. Consider it, and click through to see the discussion readers are having on the FC site.

4. Where to Surf | New York City

People who live in New York City tend to think it’s the one city that has everything you could ever want. Unless you want beaches, waves, and bikini-clad women, right? Well, it’s got a little of that, too, out at Rockaway Beach. The gents at Adventure Journal file a report on their surfing adventures in New York City.

5. What to Read | The Quiet Hell of Extreme Meditation

Ever thought about getting away from it all for a while, giving the old noggin a rest? A Men’s Journal correspondent goes to India for 10 days of silence and meditation. “The goal of Vipassana is a sort of spring cleaning of the mind,” he says, “a removal of all cerebral detritus, with the ultimate result being complete liberation from suffering, mental and physical alike.” Read on to see if it worked.