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Compendium of Coffee

Guides & How-To's By Photo by Pop Chart Lab

We like our women coffee strong and sweet but regardless of your preferences, the Compendium of Coffee has the range covered. An exploration of the various grinds (extra-coarse to extra-fine), production methods (steeping, pour-over or drip, vacuum, or pressure) and outputs (coffee; regular or concentrated; espresso; ristretto, normal or lungo), adulterants (sugar, melted chocolate, sweetened condensed milk, scalded/steamed/frothed milk, water or ice) one can bring together to produce a drink of choice, the chart graphically displays each variable connected to the final outcome. Printed on 100 lb archival recycled paper stock, the 24×18 inch poster is sufficiently design-forward for hanging in your home, not only the local artisanal coffee shop — to the disdain of many a barista.

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